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Hell Is Now

by It Is Dead

Claws and Fangs Beasts to roam Sewed up carcass bloated and floating carving in darkness spirit inside me bind myself to blasphemy Agony Rise! Beyond the Sun Never forgive the christ they made ancient tyrant god of the colonizer old demons now reborn Pull the sun towards earth the rising ones the blaspHemer horns sit high upon the father of light of truth from the elders we have written For I am the bringer of death the seeker of truth for I am the fire the one that rules against the lies I alone will bring this reign to its knees remove the heads of king and queen I am the darkness and the light the end of an era I am carved in pain
Years of war still not free This great storm it calls me Sharpened claws and iron teeth like flames of hell it now burns I stand strong and fit for battle the farthest shores the deepest seas I am the watcher i am the protector I am the hunter I am Crawl to their holes like snakes they slither Pile their bodies Rain from the sky I am the sun I am the night Pluck out the eyes of their children Not one shadow of their existence behind the mountains The prowling wolf
You screamed for the pigs Nothing but a violent act nothing but mothers smeared pulp nothing maggot to writhe in the sun nothing a bleeding gash nothing swing of hammer fists Tearing no longer hear your tongue Crying broken mind and skull Begging your last breath Never fear will guide you Never show mercy never Nothing but an empty coward Teeth cut across my hands pain the pleasure I give you Broken dreamt of this force Bleeding in the darkest of night Nothing turn man to child Hatred a way I never knew Now you've seen the light
Interlude 03:17
Womb 03:08
They silence the already voiceless the victim summoned chosen Fed to the monstrous machine in hell impaled sacrifice Eyes fixed for the final cull earth no longer cries blood runs through my hands man erased forever engraved upon your flesh never to bow again ceremony now complete crown placed upon her head Queen of all that is ever way Queen as so below Queen of now and forever Queens eviscerate all mankind
Across the Sea ships now ablaze A cowards mind cave in the skull Forced ideas crush their path sign of the cross turned toward hell burn all acres reclaim all land erase the god remove the head destroy the vision they spread disease snuff the fires and ancient cities engrave their heads skinned alive the colonizer the evil one hear our voice feel our swords hear our voices hear our roar torch their flag slit their throats strip the collar burn all written destroy your god your statues crumble their fucking dogma they force their prisons they force their words they force their lies locked in shackles closed in their walls we will hunt you through the forest we will hunt you sea to sea We will cut out the tongue of the white serpenT
Hell is Now 07:15
your grave is fucking empty as the sky above your grave is fucking shallow and so and so are you as is sit in this tomb all salvation is lost no soul to save theres no good in man theres no god above the earth is rotting and so are you rotting crawling


Released as Deluxe Edition and Standard 5" CDr
AAX-198 | Limited Edition of 75 / Unlimited

Like a black metal album that’s been slowed down to the wrong RPM, Hell Is Now is hate-encrusted blackened doom which drifts between blasting riffs & passages which barely breach tempos faster than a dirge, totaling over 40 minutes across only 7 tracks. The vocals, a grotesque, visceral layer of painful screams & nearly inhuman wails, proclaim an anti-fascist, anti-capitalist, and anti-authoritarian message that is unabashedly the driving force behind the band’s intense aesthetic.

Almost one year ago, we released the debut EP A Place of Darkness from IT IS DEAD, at the time a solo exploration of droning, atmospheric sludge. Since then, the project has transformed into a fully-fleshed out band with the addition of drummer and vocalist. Add in a tireless work ethic coupled with consistently excellent live performances, and IT IS DEAD have quickly made a name for themselves in their regional scene.

Recorded by Shane Hochstetler at Howl Street Recordings and mastered by Dennis Pleckham (Comatose Studio) of BONGRIPPER, the production of “Hell Is Now” is crushing yet devoid of studio tricks, embracing a true-to-life capture of the raw distorted tones and thunderous percussion of IT IS DEAD.

Released on August 19th, 2022 as a limited edition CD in dirt-filled wooden coffin box as well as an unlimited standard edition and digital download.


Purchase Deluxe Edition from the Pharmacy: www.aurisapothecary.org/shop/it-is-dead-hell-is-now/

Purchase Standard Edition from the Pharmacy: www.aurisapothecary.org/shop/it-is-dead-hell-is-now-standard/

Purchase Digital Download from IT IS DEAD: itisdead.bandcamp.com/album/hell-is-now

*100% of proceeds from digital sales will be donated by the artist to the Milwaukee Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression. ridracismmke.org/directory/milwaukee-alliance-against-racist-political-repression/


released August 19, 2022

Warbutcher - Guitar
Deathhammer- Drums
CrucifIer - Vocals

Recorded & Mixed by Shane Hochstetler at Howl Street Recordings

Mastered by Dennis Pleckham at Comatose Studio

Cover art by Rotting Reign

Design & Layout by DAS


all rights reserved



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